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Catch Hamid’s Weekly Sound Meditation + Restorative Yoga Every Saturday: 4:30-5:45 pm Urban Yoga

Check the Urban Yoga schedule for additional class times and events. The best way to get up to date information on my teaching schedule is to sign up for my newsletter, email me through this site, friend me on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram.

Arizona Psychedelics Conference

The very first Psychedelic medicine conference to be hosted by a medical school is coming to the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine this February 8-10, 2019.

Hamid will be giving a presentation on Sunday at 4 pm entitled How Sound and Music Potentiate the Entheogenic Experience. On Sunday morning, Hamid will be delivering a Transcendental Sound Journey in the yoga room.

For more information and for conference registration, please visit

Sound Practitioner Training (25-Hour Certification)

Dive deep into Sound in Hamid’s Sound Practitioner Training. Spread over two weekends, this 25-hour training is an initiation into the world of the Sound Practitioner. It explores the history, theory, spirituality and science of sound while providing hands-on training in playing gong, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, shruti box, flutes, frame drum, overtone singing, and more. Every sound practitioner training conducted by Hamid is an intimate training with limited space.

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2019 Training Schedule

  • April 6-7; 13-14: Urban Yoga, Phoenix (REGISTRATION OPEN)

Note: All prior Sound Practitioner Trainings have sold out. If you are considering taking the course, please register early to ensure your spot.

About Sound Practitioner Training

Sound Practitioner Training is designed for both teachers and students who would like to begin using sound in public or private settings, or for those who are simply drawn to sound and wish to learn more. Sound Therapy and Sound Meditation (also sometimes called Sound Healing) are a range of practices used to bring about physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes using sound. Participants will learn the fundamentals of Sound Meditation and Sound Therapy and learn to deliver public and private sound sessions. Yoga and meditation teachers will learn how to incorporate sound therapy and guided meditation into their classes.

Participants in this training receive Certification as a Sound Practitioner (Level I). Yoga Alliance teachers receive 25-hours of Yoga Alliance CEUs.


Regular $499; Urban Yoga members and YTT graduates receive a discount. Contact Urban Yoga for details and to register.

Transcendental Sound Journey

Saturday March 2 @ 7-9 pm at Urban Yoga

Join Hamid Jabbar and Jill Honeywell for a 2 hour transcendental sound journey. Explore altered states of awareness, deep meditation, and relaxation using guided meditation, breathwork, and sound. This experience will take participants through an extended sound meditation journey that begins with opening of sacred space, setting of intentions, gentle movements, and deep breathwork. The class progresses into a full sound journey with gongs, bowls, vocalization, flutes, percussion, and other traditional instruments. This practice revitalizes the body and provides access to deep states of meditation and awareness. Participants will be laying down for the majority of the class, so it’s best to wear warmer clothing.

Cost: $25

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