Trance dance is a traditional shamanic healing technique that draws on percussive rhythms combined with breath work, entrancing sounds and the use of blindfolds to take participants on an embodied psycho-spiritual journey into deep states of consciousness. The experience, led by Kari Levine and Hamid Jabbar, will begin with setting the sacred space, where ceremonial cacao will be served. This traditional medicine facilitates greater access to heart-centered intuition and connection to the spiritual realm. During the dance, participants are encouraged to move without inhibition in any way the music and energy of the space guides them. Facilitators will safely guide participants into ecstatic states of consciousness where deep physical and emotional healing, as well as spiritual insights, can occur.

When: Saturday September 22nd @ 7-8:30 pm
Where: Urban Yoga Phoenix
Investment: $25 in advance/$35 day of


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