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Breathwork Sound Journey

Join Hamid and Jill Honeywell for a night of deep breathwork and sound at Abundant Space. Breathwork provides access to subconscious memories stored throughout the body, enabling safe release and reprocessing and deep emotional healing. In addition, breathwork can take participants into the same sorts of transpersonal states as other …


Innermonologue Podcast Part 3

In early 2019, I sat down for my third conversation with Thomas Brown of the Innermonologue Podcast. We chatted about virtual reality, …


Sound Practitioner Training April ’19

Sound Practitioner Training (25-Hour Certification) Sound Practitioner Training is coming to Urban Yoga. This initiation into the world of the Sound Practitioner …


Arizona Psychedelics Conference

The very first Psychedelic medicine conference to be hosted by a medical school is coming to the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine …