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Breathwork Sound Journey

Join Hamid and Jill Honeywell for a night of deep breathwork and sound at Abundant Space. Breathwork provides access to subconscious memories …


Innermonologue Podcast Part 3

In early 2019, I sat down for my third conversation with Thomas Brown of the Innermonologue Podcast. We chatted about virtual reality, …


Sound Practitioner Training April ’19

Sound Practitioner Training (25-Hour Certification) Sound Practitioner Training is coming to Urban Yoga. This initiation into the world of the Sound Practitioner …


Arizona Psychedelics Conference

The very first Psychedelic medicine conference to be hosted by a medical school is coming to the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine …


Trance Dance & Cacao Ceremony

Trance dance is a traditional shamanic healing technique that draws on percussive rhythms combined with breath work, entrancing sounds and the use …