The Day My Grandfather Died

As I slept a bird landed on my forehead,
and perched itself as if
nothing were odd about the situation.
My eyes still shut,
out of fear and disbelief;
I could still see it somehow through my eyelids.
“Vision without eyes!” I rejoiced in my head,
thinking I had found enlightenment.
And then another thought:
I would slowly remove my hands from under the blankets,
and catch this lucky bird before it knows I am awake.
And thus I made my slow movements,
my hands finally slamming shut in a loud clap
as I grasped for the bird.
But it was gone and I opened my eyes
only to see the light of the sun peaking through my shutters.
It must have flown away, I convinced myself.

(c) 2012 Hamid Jabbar. All rights reserved.


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