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The Spiritual Flu is Here

Over at the Pranascope®, a great article on the pranic flu–aka spiritual flu–is up. If you have been feeling symptoms of sore through, pain the ears, and fatigue, this may be related to the energetic shifts going on in the Universe with Mercury going retrograde and a new moon with …


Studying the Self

Many people come to yoga seeking relief of some type–for example relief from physical blockages or disease, emotional turmoil, or the relentless churning of the mind. In the U.S. yoga is marketed a cure-all for whatever ails. The inflexible gain flexibility, the weak gain strength, the timid gain confidence, the addicted …


How it is Inside

A teacher of mine says that “how it is inside, is how it is outside.” What they mean is that how we …


Take Time to Listen

We as humans are such visual creatures. Our eyes are constantly taking in information as our brains work hard to process and …


Early June Energy Hangover

Here we go, right into an incredible June 2nd full moon! So much has happened for us all in the past four …


Closing Out a Serious Week

We are nearing a clearing on what has been a week of challenges. This past weekend was filled with unsettling energy. You …