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Inner Monologue Podcast

This spring, I was honored to share a Sunday morning talking with Thomas Brown of the Inner Monologue Podcast. We discussed everything from spiritual drive-bys to spiritual by-passing, meditation and yoga. Thomas is a wonderful human who shares his weekends in conversations with other wonderful humans. His partner, Sharon, contributes …


What Sound Looks Like

Ever wonder what sound waves look like? With our naked eyes we cannot see the waves of sound moving through the air for a few reasons. First, sound travels atย 1,126 ft/s or 761 mph. Second, the air itself that sound is moving through is invisible to our eyes. Using a …


Learning to Play Gong

Although I have been a musician most of my life and studied music in college, when I realized that I wanted to …


OM Bodywork

If you have saved “Hamid Jabbar PLC” on your MindBody APP you may have noticed that it disappeared. Actually, it was replaced …


Sound Healing

I never thought that I would actually be playing music for a living, but life has a way of surprising you. As …