Why Not Call it Sound Healing Training?

If you are reading about the Sound Practitioner Training you may be wondering how this differs from a Sound Healing Training or a Sound Therapy Training. So, let’s define what a sound practitioner is and why I (Hamid) choose this term over the more familiar sound healer terminology. There has been a recent surge of interest in sound and many people working with sound have adopted the Sound Healer title. For me, the term healer has always felt quite problematic. In some respects, it mimics the term doctor, which obviously comes steeped in assumptions based on the Western medical model. In a typical doctor/patient or healer/healed relationship, there is an inherent implication that one of these people possess more power than the other. That is, there is the appearance of an imbalanced power dynamic in which there is a recipient of healing, and a more powerful healer delivering the healing.

Thus, if we were to use the term sound healer with someone, we would be implying (whether intentionally or not) that we possess some special power to heal them. To me, this has always felt disempowering. We all have the capacity to heal ourselves, and this is the message I like to convey to people. This is not to say that we do not witness amazing healing when working with sound. We do. And, I have been working with sound for most of my life in one form or another and I have both experienced amazing healing myself with sound and seen it occur with others. But, in every case the healing that occurred was two-sided and involved participation of the recipient in the process. In that way, when any healing takes place, it is a form of self- healing.

Thus, by calling ourselves Sound Practitioners, Sound Guides, Sound Facilitators or even Sound Therapists, we are empowering those with whom we work to know that they are participants and not merely recipients. The moment we claim to be healers, we may unintentionally disempower the people sitting in front of us. Let us all seek to empower those with whom we work, so that the process can unfold. Hence, this is a Sound Practitioner Training in which we will learn to work with sound to facilitate healing. When I work with sound on an individual basis, I do use the term Sound Therapy, and believe that is quite honest. This training touches upon Sound Therapy, but is primarily concerned with the foundational aspects of working with sound in any context–whether group or individual.

It should also be noted that Yoga Alliance forbids use of the terms “healing” and “therapy” in all of its approved trainings. If you find someone offering sound healing or sound therapy training that claims to be in compliance with the Yoga Alliance rules, you can be sure it is not. No Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Program (or other approved training) can use the terms Sound Healing or Sound Therapy.

Attend a Sound Practitioner Training

Sound Practitioner Training (25-Hour Certification)

Dive deep into Sound in Hamid’s Sound Practitioner Training. Spread over two weekends, this 25-hour training is an initiation into the world of the Sound Practitioner. It explores the history, theory, spirituality and science of sound while providing hands-on training in playing gong, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, shruti box, flutes, frame drum, overtone singing, and more. Every sound practitioner training conducted by Hamid is an intimate training with limited space.

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2018 Training Schedule

  • April 28-29 & May 5-6: Urban Yoga, Phoenix (SOLD OUT)
  • November 10-11 & 17-18: Dave’s Astanga Yoga, Scottsdale – REGISTRATION OPEN

About Sound Practitioner Training

Sound Practitioner Training is designed for both teachers and students who would like to begin using sound in public or private settings, or for those who are simply drawn to sound and wish to learn more. Sound Therapy and Sound Meditation (also sometimes called Sound Healing) are a range of practices used to bring about physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes using sound. Participants will learn the fundamentals of Sound Meditation and Sound Therapy and learn to deliver public and private sound sessions. Yoga and meditation teachers will learn how to incorporate sound therapy and guided meditation into their classes.

Participants in this training receive Certification as a Sound Practitioner (Level I). Yoga Alliance teachers receive 25-hours of Yoga Alliance CEUs.


Early Bird $499 (Register by October 20th); Regular $599. Includes all materials. AYTT Student pricing $449.