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Transcendental Sound Journey

Join Hamid Jabbar and Jill Honeywell for a 2 hour transcendental sound journey. Explore altered states of awareness, deep meditation, and relaxation using guided meditation, breathwork, and sound. This experience will take participants through an extended sound meditation journey that begins with opening of sacred space, setting of intentions, gentle …


Inner Monologue Podcast

This spring, I was honored to share a Sunday morning talking with Thomas Brown of the Inner Monologue Podcast. We discussed everything from spiritual drive-bys to spiritual by-passing, meditation and yoga. Thomas is a wonderful human who shares his weekends in conversations with other wonderful humans. His partner, Sharon, contributes …


What Sound Looks Like

Ever wonder what sound waves look like? With our naked eyes we cannot see the waves of sound moving through the air …


Learning to Play Gong

Although I have been a musician most of my life and studied music in college, when I realized that I wanted to …


OM Bodywork

If you have saved “Hamid Jabbar PLC” on your MindBody APP you may have noticed that it disappeared. Actually, it was replaced …


Sound Healing

I never thought that I would actually be playing music for a living, but life has a way of surprising you. As …