Arizona Thai Massage
Ajahn Lee Demonstrating Tok Sen on Hamid in Thailand

Finding a traditionally trained Arizona Thai Massage practitioner is difficult. Hamid has received hundreds of hours of training in Thailand under the guidance of today’s living masters of Thai Massage and Thai Yoga Massage. An Arizona Thai Massage can be scheduled online with Hamid from any mobile device by clicking here. Sessions are held in Hamid’s studio located near downtown Phoenix or at the location of your choosing–your home, office, hotel, etc. Hamid also provides mobile treatments to all of the greater Phoenix area as well as northern Arizona, including Sedona, Cornville, Cottonwood, and Prescott.

Before going to one of the Thai Massage parlors advertising the “Royal” style it helps to understand what “Royal Thai Massage” is. This is the style traditionally only performed on the royal family of Thailand. Out of respect for the King, only a very limited number of techniques are used in Royal Thai Massage. This means no standing, no use of feet or elbows, and always respecting the king by keeping them either on their back or laying on their sides (no front lying). Royal Thai Massage is not a style practiced in Thailand anymore because it’s so limited and there is really only one potential client–the King of Thailand. While a Royal Thai Massage may sound good, it’s really a limited experience and more of a novelty these days than a true healing session.

Hamid offers Thai Massage in the Northern folk style as taught by master teacher Ajahn Pichest Boonthumme. There are no limitations to this style (unlike Royal Thai Massage style), which means Hamid is free to use feet, elbows, and his body weight as tools and to explore different body positions. The folk style is the style of the common people and most effective style of Thai Massage for healing. Hamid will meet you in his well-appointed and professional studio space or bring his massage mattress to your location.

Appointments are limited. Please use the contact form to inquire about availability.